Why this Game?

This system exists on a few principles that stand out from the pack.

  1. Streamlined play.
  2. A focus on the core mechanic.
  3. No slavish devotion to the “old school.”

These principles mean that while this system is technically a retroclone, it is not attempting to exactly duplicate the system on which it is based. Instead, it is meant to focus on that game’s core mechanic (the Uni-Table) and otherwise streamline play as much as possible. Whereas the original system and its other retroclones keep (often substantial) tables of modifiers, complex combat and power options, and a system of Karma that is clearly based on a very narrow set of heroic moral values, this system seeks to minimize modifiers, keep combat fast and flexible, and update the Karma system to incorporate a broad sense of heroic values. Modern games and modern heroes run a gamut of styles, personal moral values, and different levels of grit, and we want our game to support that at its core.

On the pages of this site you will find the following rules:

  • How To Play: The core mechanics of the game system.
  • Datafiles: How to read a character sheet (a.k.a. “datafile”) and what all the traits are for.
  • Movement & Environment: Interacting with the game world.
  • Combat: How combat and action scenes work. Or, how to give and take damage.
  • Social Interactions: How to handle social interactions with NPCs, like negotiations and swaying public opinion.
  • Powers & Gear: How seemingly impossible powers and gear works, including power armor, alternate forms, and magic.
  • Resources & Stuff:
  • Talents: A comprehensive list of skills and feats that have specialized rules.