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Jilith Xyn (Secret)

Fighting Av (6)   Health 32  
Agility Gd (10)   Resolve 110  
Strength Av (6)   Karma 110  
Endurance Gd (10)   Popularity +0  
Reason Ex (20)   Resources In (40)
Intuition In (40)        
Psyche Am (50)        


  • Sorcery: In(40)
    • Foretelling
    • Hex Curse
    • Postcognition
    • Magic Bolt
    • Magic Shield
    • Animate object


Astrophysics, Computers, Multi-lingual (advanced), Occult Lore, Resist Domination

Affiliations & Contacts

Prof. Archon, nobility of The Amthesians, Computer Club of Westside High School


  • +2 Use an Athesian (i.e. made up word) when mad.
  • +5 Solve a problem with a computer or tech instead of magic.
  • + 10 Go a day without using magic.


Jilith is a teenager and a princess of the planet Athesian in another dimension. She discovered she could wield magic at a young age and in a moment of panic used it to escape to our dimension when her planet was under attack by the evil Empeerians. She came to the attention of this worlds greatest sage and magic wielder Professor Archon, who took her under his wing as his student and saw to it that she was enrolled in a proper school to learn Earth’s ways.