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Moon Fire

Sarah Song (Secret)

Fighting Gd (10)   Health 80  
Agility Ex (20)   Resolve 110  
Strength Gd (10)   Karma 90  
Endurance In (40)   Popularity +2R  
Reason Ex (20)   Resources Ex (20)
Intuition In (40)        
Psyche Rm (30)        


  • Energy Absorption (Light): Am(50)
    • Sfx: Absorbed light heals Moon Fire
  • Elemental Control (Gravity, Light): Am(50)
    • Flight: Ex(20)
    • Energy bolts: Am(50)
    • Increase-Decrease Weight: Rm(30)
    • Levitate (objects, others): Am(50)


Acrobatics, Charm, Inspire, Journalism, Pilot, Seduce

Affiliations & Contacts

Coast City News, Military


  • +2 Get a picture of news-worthy event.
  • +5 Convince a witness to provide information.
  • +10 Convince an opponent to surrender without conflict.


An Asian-American, Sarah perused journalism in her youth to see that the truth was always brought to light. After college, she joined the military and became a pilot in the news corp. While covering a battle overseas, a meteor crashed through her helicopter and she was believed to be dead. Days later she awoke bathed in light, floating in the air above the sea where she had crashed. Discovering a host of new powers, she returned to the States and took the mantle of Moon Fire and has been trying to use her powers for Good ever since.