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Ms. Amazing

Allison Star (Secret)

Fighting Av (6)   Health 62  
Agility Gd (10)   Resolve 70  
Strength Av (6)   Karma 70  
Endurance In (40)   Popularity +2R  
Reason Rm (30)   Resources Av (6)
Intuition Ex (20)        
Psyche Ex (20)        

Ms. Amazing


  • Elixirs: Am (50)
    • Action: Ms. Amazing carries several vials of Amazaline on her person at all times. She can drink one to gain a variety of benefits for 1 minute. If she drinks another while still under the effects of one she needs to make a Red Endurance check or be stunned for 1 minute.
    • Improve any one ability (FASERIP)
    • Body Armor
    • Flight
    • Healing Factor
    • Invisibility
    • Shrinking
    • Growth
    • Lightning Speed
    • Imitate Appearance: Ex(20) – observer must make an Intuition check to see through the disguise
  • Limitation: Each time Ms. Amazing imbibes an elixir, she must make a Yellow power FEAT using the current power rank of her Elixirs, starting at Am (50). If she fails, she the effectiveness (power rank) of her Elixir power descrease by 1R.


Biology, Biochemistry, Charm, Chemistry, Convince, Seduce

Affiliations & Contacts

Pharmaceutical, Medical, Political (City)


  • +2 Comment on someones fashion
  • +5 Solve a problem with chemistry
  • +10 Help someone with an addiction


Allison graduated at the top of her class in college and was highly coveted by Big Pharma companies. Instead, she started humanitarian work by traveling around the world to help underprivileged people. While in the Amazon jungle she contracted a rare disease, but also discovered rare plants that allowed her to create a treatment in the form of “Amazaline.” Not only did it help her with her symptoms, she found that she temporarily gained amazing powers.