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Cassie Sullivan (Secret)

Fighting Av (6)   Health 92  
Agility Rm (30)   Resolve 110  
Strength Av (6)   Karma 50  
Endurance Am (50)   Popularity +1R  
Reason Ex (20)   Resources Md (4)
Intuition Ex (20)        
Psyche Gd (10)        


  • Invisibility (self and others): Am (50) – As an action Neon can make herself, up to 10 other creatures or an entire area invisible for one minute. If she takes damage she needs to make a a power check and if she gets a White result, the invisibility ends and she can’t use this power for one minute.
  • Light Manipulation: Rm (30)
    • Increase or decrease light intensity in an area up to 8 areas away.
    • Laser blast – Rm (30) energy damage up to 8 areas away.
    • Blind target – they must resist with Agility or Endurance (your choice) against Rm(30) intensity or be blinded for 1-10 rounds
  • Image Generation: Rm(30) – Neon can cover an area in a real-seeming illustion, complete with people, animals, objects, and so on. If combat erupts or she creates the illusion of damaging terrain or events, all rolls and Difficulties use her Rm(30) rank, and any effects deal Rm (30) stress (but never damage).


Acrobatics, Computer Science, Computer Hacking, Performance, Student (Physics)

Affiliations & Contacts

Sister Marina of the 7th Heaven House for At-Risk Youths, Police, Street


  • +2 Pop a bubble gum bubble at a quiet or awkard moment.
  • +5 Protect a minor.
  • +10 Act responsibly, like an adult.


Cassie’s scientist parents hid their “nano-light” technology inside of her DNA shortly before they died in a suspicious laboratory accident. Her rebellious attitude has kept her a permanent resident at the orphanage she was place in since then. Naturally gifted with technical skill, she has received numerous scholarships to prep school. Her light manipulation powers have only begun to develop recently, but she is quickly mastering them and using them to try and be the best hero she can be.