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Tyrese Jordan (Public)

Fighting In (40)   Health 120 [200]  
Agility Ex (20)   Resolve 66 [112]  
Strength Rm (30)   Karma 66  
Endurance Rm (30)   Popularity -1R  
Reason Av (6)   Resources Av (6)  
Intuition Ex (20)        
Psyche In (40)        


  • Beserker: As a reaction, Beserker can enter a rage. The rage lasts until he becomes unconscious or makes a Green Reason check on his turn (no action).
    • If he took damage during the round prior, the result required increases by one color.
    • Each time he rages beyond the first within an hour, increases the color required to end the rage.
    • While in a rage, if there are no opponents to fight Pitbull must make a Green Psyche feat each round or attack the nearest person to him.
  • While in a rage, he has the following abilities:
    • +1R Fighting, Strength and Endurance.
    • Reason decreases to Wk (2).
    • Health is increased by 30 from these ability changes.
    • Iron Will: Am (50) – This power adds 50 to Pitbull’s Health and Resolve plus he can choose (as a Reaction) to ignore the affects of a power or ability of Am (50) or less that targets him, but he takes half of that power or ability’s rank as damage (rounded down). For attacks greater than Am (50), he subtracts 50 from the amount and then takes half of the remaining as Health or Resolve damage.
  • Weakness Detection: Ex(20) – by taking an Action to observe a target or object, he instinctively learns any physical weakness or vulnerability of the target. He gets a +2R shift to Strength damage against the target for 1 round.


Close Quarters Combat, Cunning, Martial Arts, Mechanic, Stoic, Streetwise, Stubborn, Wrestling

Affiliations & Contacts

Automotive industry, Boxing, Street contacts


  • +2 Start a ten-count over a knocked down or knocked out opponent.
  • +5 Smile.
  • +10 Overcome and end a Rage before a fight is over.


Tyrese “The Pitbull” Jordan was a promising young boxer who was brutally injured by an opponent that had been secretly enhanced with superhuman strength by the villainous mob boss known as the Fixer. While in the hospital, he slipped into a coma, but eventually awoke and recovered from his injuries. Soon after, he discovered his temper had increased dramatically, but during those periods of anger he  became a powerful and brutal fighter. Not wanting to cheat at the sport he loved, he retired from boxing and instead took to the streets to use his rage to fight the bullies and thugs that plagued the city’s low-rent districts.