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Shadow Spider

Dominic March (Secret)

Fighting In (40)   Health 100  
Agility Rm (30)   Resolve 110  
Strength Gd (10)   Karma 80  
Endurance Ex (20)   Popularity +0R  
Reason Gd (10)   Resources Rm (30)
Intuition Rm (30)        
Psyche In (40)        


  • Body Armor (Kevlar): Gd (10)
  • Venom Gun: Ex (20) – Range
  • Sensory Protection Gear: Rm(30) – bright light, sound, gases
  • Tech Goggles: Ex (20) – microscopic vision, night vision, built-in cameras
  • Grapple Gun: Ex(20) – 4 areas; can swing from buildings or entangle opponents.


Acrobatics, Close Quarters Combat, Crime, Cunning, Deceive, Drive, Escape Artist, Espionage, First Aid, Interrogate, Martial Arts, Military, Pilot, Seduce, Sharpshooter, Situational Awareness, Unphaseable, Unreadable, Wrestling

Affiliations & Contacts

As member of word-wide spy organization W.I.I.S.P.E.R, Shadow Spider has many contacts. When Shadow Spider wants to make a temporary contact (normally 5 Karma) or have a contact provide material aid (normally 10 Karma), he can make an Am (50) rank check. On a Green result, he gains the temporary contact and on a Yellow result can get the contact to porvide more substantial help; all without spending Karma. If the check fails, he can spend Karma for the contact as normal.


  • +2 Make a trick shot (even if it’s not needed)
  • +5 Disguise yourself in some dapper clothes.
  • +10 Reveal something personal (and true) to an ally about yourself


Recruited at a young age, Dominic March quickly climbed the ranks and proved himself to be the greatest agent of the mysterious W.I.I.S.P.E.R spy organization.