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Synthia 7

Syndy (Public)

Fighting Gd (10)   Health 100  
Agility Gd (10)   Resolve 110  
Strength Rm (30)   Karma 60  
Endurance Am (50)   Popularity -1R  
Reason Ex (20)   Resources Wk (2)
Intuition Rm (30)        
Psyche Gd (10)        


  • Android body:
    • Immunities: CL 1000 – Poison, Disease, Psychic
    • Body Armor: Ex (20)
    • Resistance (Electrical): Am (50)
  • Self-repair: Rm (30) – With access to parts and tools, Synthia can restore 30 points of Health or recover 1R or Endurance loss by making a Rm (30) check.
  • Electronic Broadcast and Receiving: Synthia can send and receive radio, tv, wi-fi and other electronic signals
  • Electronic Ventrilliquism: Rm (30) – Can reproduce any sound or voice with a check. She can also amplify and project sounds into electronic devices within 6 areas. An observer can make an Intuition check against Rm (30) to determine the sound is artificial.
  • Healing Others: Rm (30) – She can restore 30 Health to a living humanoid creature through her skills and micro-utility tools in her fingers. Each creature can only benefit from this once per hour.
  • Wall-crawling: Am (50) – Micro-hooks and suction devices in her hands and feet allow her to climb surfaces, including glass and slippery surfaces at 4 areas per round.
  • Force field projection: Am (50) – She can project an Am (50) force field around herself, one or more targets (up to a 10′ cube) within 10 areas. She can expand the force field to cover an entire area, but must make a Green Psyche check each round after the 1st or this power shuts down for 1 minute.


Computer Hacking, Medical, Robotics, TV Trivia

Affiliations & Contacts

Dr. 7 (her creator), Medicine, Paramedics


  • +2 Prank someone by talking through an electronic device.
  • +5 Learning a lesson about humanity.
  • +10 Save someone from death.


Synthia was created by Dr.7 as an emotional replacement for one of his symbiote’s lost daughter. As such she has the mentality and emotions of a 13 year old girl, one who is found of pranks. However, when it comes to saving and protecting people Synthia is all business and is the true definition of a hero.